We customize your look!

A happy client and a perfect hair always passes

through the 3 magical phases:


A moment of consultation where you and your

hairstylist gets to know your hair, your issues

and your dreams.

We customize the treatment for today,

building a plan with the future in mind

while analyzing together with you how

to maintain your style at home for

the upcoming months. 



Time for you to relax and unwind! 

We serve you the best of coffee&tea from

Lykke Kaffegårdar among with cold drinks,

the latest magazines and in our bathrooms

you can use hand soap & lotion

from Meraki

If you heard it, we'd like to confirm it!

We have silent rooms where we wash your hair

and always finish with a scalp massage. 

We are proud to work with the L'Oréal house,

our ammonia free color Inoa and the

highly developed products from

Kérastase and Shu Uemura. 


Your hair is your permanent accessory

and you should now have a great look

and all the information you need

to maintain your great hairdays through

your hands and mirror. 

We always recommend a weekly usage

of 5 products for a healthy hair

under your control. 




Hair wash, cutting & styling​

60 min - fr 900 SEK

Haircut Lux

Hair wash & personalized treatment, cutting, glam styling

90 min - 1350 SEK​​




- Outgrowth (max 3cm, no bleaching)

- One color on hairs no longer than the shoulders

1,5h - 1500 SEK


- Outgrowth & lengths

- Bleaching on an outgrowth (max 3cm)

- Soft refresh of a balayage

- One color on hair longer than the shoulders

2h - 2000 SEK


- Highlights

- First time or very outgrowth balayage

- Creative color using various shades

- Full bleach on hairs no longer than the shoulders 

2,5h - 2500 SEK


For long and/or thich hairs

- First time or very outgrowth balayage

- Color corrections

- Advanced creative colors 

3h - 3000 SEK


For extremely long and/or thick hairs, or extreme make overs.

- First time or very outgrowth balayage

- Color corrections

- Advanced creative colors 

3,5h - 3500 SEK


Cut + Color Small

2h - 2000 SEK

Cut + Color Medium

2,5h - 2500 SEK 

Cut + Color Large

3h - 3000 SEK

Cut + Color Deluxe

3,5h - 3500 SEK

Cut + Color Mega

4h - 4000 SEK

Cut + Olaplex

Hair wash & olaplaex treatment, cutting, styling

90min - 1500 SEK

Cut + Malibu C Hair Detox

Hair wash, Malibu C Hair Detox, cutting, styling

105min - 1050 SEK



30min - 500 SEK


45min - 675 SEK


60min - 1050 SEK

Malibu C Hair Detox

75min - 1200 SEK



Please call us or send an hello by email and we'll

be happy to guide you to that longer or thicker

hair you're dreaming of!

We work with Hairtalk Extensions.